Graffiti Royale/BoardGASM – Unity3D

So, I started to do my Unity3D object placements, building the formal structures up from Tiles->Surfaces->Locations->(City Board (5×4) | Sketchbook (2×3))
Added Pawns (just 4, I have a few more to add, character wise)  This is just mockup art, tried to get a variety, men, women, people of color, etc…
Basically just black/white and then will tint the pawns the color of the specific player using the pawn renderer.

No graphics for the locations (no names at this point, either – in this version – though the long term design docs have banks, cop shops, donut shops, piers, warehouses, skyscrapers, mailboxes, etc…)  I just have a flat color indicating the difficulty level of the zone and the place for teh tiles to go, since, for basic testing mechanics, that’s the important part for mechanics testing.

I’ll have to implement the shop (will be upper right above the sketch book) and a scoreboard (physical game would have a track, but for testing in Unity, just a small display of each player and their score, above the shop, probably).

Once those locations are added, I’ll have to dig into generating the tiles.  I have some already made up, IIRC.  May have to rescale them, we’ll see.

Finally will need to setup the dice mechanic.  I’m not going to worry about powerups or goals at this point, just the basic components, then see what simple placement and purchase and scoring rules work out to be.  Once those are generally worked out, I can add more, but KISS.

So… Without further ado…

It looks pretty shit, but that’s ok, cuz this is prototyping yaaaaaay. LOL.


Tetrakinesis (aka: Quadrobegon)

So I think I’ve got a good start.  Mostly setting up the visual design of the level, and after some frustration (having forgotten how to use the canvas/UI of Unity), I have a color scheme I’m content with (it’s a mild modification of the Quadrophobia scheme).

The beauty of this new setup is that I’m removing so much extra.

No more moving pieces (slightly ironic since the new name of the game was based on the Greek root -kinesis which means “move”).  State is indicated by font color.

Subtle soft colors that aren’t too much to look at.  Basically I’ll have a “current square” state, which turns the number blue.  Then a “targetable state” which turns numbers red.  The default state is the purple that matches the borders.

Changing text color is much easier than worrying about physics and dealing with collisions and such.  🙂

This will free up mental time to work on the Undo feature.  I don’t think I’ll have any special powerups or anything.  It’s just going to be a simple puzzle to solve.  KISS.  The undo will just be there to let you undo without having to start completely over.

I realized I can simplify further by not needing to attach a “move” value to the grid-square.  Instead the child text/ui object value will be the move value itself and I can just check the value via calling the child object’s value.  It’s a level of indirection I’d rather not have to deal with, but the fact is, it exists and since it does, this is the easiest way instead of making duplicate values and dealing with Unity’s lack of ease to call values set in code into the editor.

This is still going to be a lot of work, but I think I have sufficiently reduced the complexity where it’s definitely feasible to pull off.


tetrakinesis screen1