Sym’s Pot Infusor (Hanlon’s Razor Corollary)

“They had, for instance, recast the razor-blade-filled-caramel-apple myth in an alarmist billboard warning about potheads handing out infused gummies.”

I mean, this might just very well happen, but if it does Hanlon’s Razor Sym’s Pot Infusor applies:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity being stoned off your ass and grabbing from the wrong bag of goodies to hand out.

Maxim: Fedora

The Fedora Maxim: Whenever someone mentions “Fedora” on the internet (especially with regards to certain stereotypical geek segments of society), someone will eventually make a corrective statement in defense of the Fedora pointing out that what the person *actually* means is “Trilby”.

Maxim: Stress

When discussing stressful things with a friend, and their tendency to not be stressed about most things (a wise thing, IMO), but that leaves their stress to focus all on one particular topic, I said:

“You need to diversify your stress portfolio.”