Continually phoning it in… Also: Steamworld Dig

So – as you can see it’s been a while, I kinda gave up on the brute force thing.  Just bored, and didn’t really see the point.  This is a hobby, not a job.  If I’m not having fun, why do it?

But I did finally hit some code last time for the first time in ages.  Basically just taking my Corvax ship from Killing Horizon and doing some simple asteroid style movement, nothing fancy, still not sure what I may end up doing with it.

But honestly – I’ve been gaming again for the first time in ages, so I’m just letting myself enjoy that.

And right now – that means:

  1. Nex Machina
  2. Downwell
  3. Age of Wonders
  4. Steamworld Dig

All on PC.  I kept seeing rave reviews for Steamworld, and was hesitant, but godDAMN is it scratching the roguelike platformer itch of Spelunky & Rogue Legacy for me.

Nex Machina is so amazin, arcade 360/arena overhead shooter (a la Robotron).  So satisfying.  On the last boss…

Downwell also a fun – quick hit of a game.

AoW – only did a little/few hours so far.  Enjoying it.  It has a Summon Dire Penguins Spell.  Can’t argue against that!


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