Graffiti Royale: Game state history/log/tracking

Hello, old neglected friend, how are you?
I’ve been doing various creative project outside game design lately, primarily art and music (did someone say Volca FM?)
But have been wanting to get back in the swing of game design.  So I let background threads run in my brain, instead of conscious attention to it (that’s one of those things that can backfire, I find, trying TOO hard to figure things out).

One of the fundamental issues I had with the design was how to keep track of who placed what tile where.

My initial thought was a personal paper pad with the city grid laid out, and grids to stamp a color on the graiffiti spots you’ve placed a piece, the game would provide a set of colored markers to dot the location.  But then I thought that seemed wasteful, and it requires everyone to have one more thing to manage, and it’s unwieldy.

Then for some reason it hit me: there’s a 5×5 grid of locations – A-E rows and 1-5 columns.  Why not have tokens in each row and column, labeled as such.  Say I played on D-2, I would take the D token and the 2 token, and place it on my Sketch Pad replacing the piece I took from the pad and thus keeping a record of where that piece was played.

Note: NOT the paper pad above, but a separate mat where players’ graffiti tiles are placed as their hand.

However, that seems like it could be problematic.  Originally it seemed simpl, but you run into the issue of resource management.  That is, there are 6 potential locations that could be taken up in each main build spot (D2.a1, D2.a2, D2.b1, D2.b2, D2.c1, D2.c2).  There’s 25 (5×5) locations so that would add up to 150 tiles required to ensure that if everyone played their tiles.

However – each player only has 12 small tiles, 4 medium and 2 large so 6 players (max) 6×18 =  96, still a hefty chunk, really.  I could make 4 player game which would make 72.

I’d have to think of the math on this more through the day.  It may actually end up being cheaper to print pads and use pens LOL.  Hopefully once I get my caffeine my brain’ll be ready to tackle this challenge.

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