Quartiles, Graffiti Royale & Andromeda’s Got Mutant

Hi neglected page.  Ever since I got my job in March I haven’t had much time to update you, as I’ve been busy hooking people up with Triple Plays and 300/300 mbps intertubez.

Anyways, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on projects, I most assuredly have.  Not as frequently as I used to, but slow and steady progress.

My current main focus is a game I’m calling Quartiles.  It’s a board game using a tile placement and set collecting mechanic. After a quick prototype play session I felt good enough that I worked more and sent a pre-alpha prototype to The Game Crafter.  Further testing let me arrive at a theme:  School.  Chalkboard, papers, grades… The name Quartiles lends itself to that.  Here’s a couple pics of the prototype:

I used Nandeck to create them – first time using Nandeck.  A little funky to use, especially w/more advanced scripting, I just had a basic script for these first two pics.  Using that theme concept, I redid the art for the tiles, using a “chalk” art design and a blackboard style background.  The cards will eventually look like notebook paper, and the top portion will look like hand writing for the set (2 2 2 2 in the picture below) and the “grade” (50) will be in red to look like a graded piece of homework.  The bottom half represents powers and abilities you can spend your “extra credit” points on.  I have a lot of playtesting and revamping to do on this.  But even on the first playtest I felt pleased enough at how it turned out that I think has a lot of potential for a simple set collecting game.

I already have an “expansion” planned (probably will just be more cards with the base game) but it would be called Advanced Placement.  And the idea for that would be that you’ll have to fill in the blanks of equations using the numbers you collect.  So instead of just a set, you’ll have to MATH in order to get points.  I might even have “levels” for the Advanced Placement so you could have simple add/subtract for younger kids, but then mult/divide for older kids and maybe some really out there stuff to allow for people to make their own equations:
Tier 1: _ + _ = 4
Tier 2: _ * _ = 6

Tier 3: _ + _ – _ = _

Where you could create your own combinations/sets in tier three.
I’m thinking you could really do super easy “preschool” type games where kids just try to collect a set of numbers and for every set they get a card, and whoever gets the most cards wins or something.  So they don’t have to deal with a number like 50 or dealing with more complex things.

I’m also working on the Graffiti game (previously called “Paint the Town” I’m now thinking of calling it Graffiti Royale (to play with the theme of players competing to become the royalty (kings/queens, etc…) of a city (King/Queen being a term of art in the graffiti world.).

And my 3rd idea that I’m excited about is a game based upon creating mutants.  A sort of talent/dog show, and I call it “Andromeda’s Got Mutant”.

Finally –  here’s the script I used to make the blackboard style square in Nandeck:



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