Paint the Town: Python, Combinations, Creating Art

So – I am now working on one of my board game ideas.  One of the features is dealing with color combinations.  Originally I was going to write down all possible combinations of colors between Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple & White.  This struck me as difficult and annoying.

So I used the power of programming to do all that for me.  Python has nice built in tools for combinations/permutations and such.  After some googling, I created a simple script (well, good artists copy, great artists steal, so I stole a simple combination script and modified it for my purposes ;)):


Super simple.  Anyways, I started to work on the tiles for this, and that’s taking more work.  I basically have a sets of 1-unit, 3-unit and 6-unit size tiles.  The 1-units have black, white or single color each.  3-units will have 2 or 3 colors and 6-units have 3 or 4 colors.  I have the basic templates for each (little circles in the corner indicate the required colors to place).  Then to make the tiles I just hit the “paint/fill” tool and fill with the appropriate color from the lists above (visually chosen…)

I have to think about this more analytically, however.  I just did a quick rush of colors and first realized I made a bunch of 2-color 3-units and I only needed about half that, but then need more 3-color 3-units.  No biggie, but the other issue is instead of randomly just dropping things that look like they might work, I need to figure out so I don’t have an overabundance of one color over another.  I’m generally trying to be symmetric in terms of color distribution, so I need to make sure I’ve got that done right.  The problem is – the required amounts of tiles per total number of players doesn’t exactly correlate with the total number of combinations possible.  It’s less, so some combinations will be left out (which is good, because some combos just won’t work), but at the same time it means I need to make sure to keep track of which color combos I’m using so if I lack in some (say – I don’t have a red/purple combo, that’s fugly, but that frees up a red and a purple for a 3 color combo to compensate – if that makes sense).

Anyways, that’s where I’m at now.  It’s  a bit annoying.  I know there is a program that lets your script card creation based on combinations.  I should look at that again, because it seems to me it’d be easier to just script what I need and have it auto generate the cards, than trying to hit Paint/Fill and save and copy and recolor and paint and manually go through the list.  If I could autogen all possible tiles and then just print them and discard the ones I won’t use (or rather, keep them and adjust for game balance as needed)…  That’d be much faster.  Maybe I’ll look into that.

Sym’s Pot Infusor (Hanlon’s Razor Corollary)

“They had, for instance, recast the razor-blade-filled-caramel-apple myth in an alarmist billboard warning about potheads handing out infused gummies.”

I mean, this might just very well happen, but if it does Hanlon’s Razor Sym’s Pot Infusor applies:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity being stoned off your ass and grabbing from the wrong bag of goodies to hand out.