Empty Errors…

So I finally tried, the other day, to revamp the code.  I reverted to a previous version of the code, then was having compile problems.  So I updated to the latest version of Unity which still caused problems.  In fact, now my error messages were blank!

So I tried to figure out what was going on.  No luck for like a week.  Then I fired it up again for shits and giggles to see if I could figure it out and my AV popped up – it was blocking Mono.  AHA!  I whitelisted and BAM!  It worked.

Kind of annoying, since I don’t recall receiving any message previously when it was happening.

My original goal was to revert to the previous version and then rewrite the core.

Alas, apparently my last pushed code (before branching code with powerups) was in May (WTF?).  It seems that some features are missing in that code, which sucks.  So the question then is how far back am I going with this?  Do I want to go back so far to reimplement a core or do I just use the latest and greatest and scrap a bunch of work and then rebuild it?  Either way I’m at a point where I wasn’t expecting to start the refactor, and it’s like the bears in goldilocks – too early or too late compared to where I was expecting the code to be statuswise.


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