Navega Dorada

Well, looks like project number… 4?

My new job is killing my brain cells slowly but surely.  Not the job itself, but the commute + hours are harsh.  The job itself is amazing, the people are great, so it’s a real shame.

Anyways, I finally thought of a project that is simple (in theory) and small.  A map for the board game Isla Dorada.  Or rather, an interactive app to help find the locations on the board when playing.  The game itself has a shitton of weirdly named places and while some you sorta remember, if you don’t play it enough or are teaching folks, it can be a pain in the ass looking all over the board for “Bulo-Mapo” and “Kamoptis” and “Wahi-Waha”, etc…

So I was thinking I wanted to do some Python programming again, and thought about using Kivy or QT.  Kivy is a bit of a pain – I wasn’t grokking their kv language for layouts.  QT looked nice with the designer, but then it seems it’s a pain, since there’s a bunch of conversion to deal with once you design it, then you run a converter utility and some other shit, and it was a pain.

So I thought the ol’ standby of Unity.  I started it tonight and am a *little* further than I was but I’m not fully grokking the UI system for scrollbars (scrollrect, scrollbar, mask).  I get some of it, but I can’t quite get the scrollbar to work with my layouts, and it works then once I modify the layout of the scrollable element, the bar doesn’t want to scroll anymore.  It’s annoying.  Also – finding out that, apparently (at least as of 4.6, in Nov. 2014), the Unity UI stuff is kinda buggy on mobile when it comes to whether it detects a button press or a scroll/swipe.  So I may do all this and it still might work for shit.

But I want to do SOMETHING and I since I’ve not been as mentally focused, this in theory should be a good easy project to work on.  So we’ll see.  Just need to figure out what way to go.  I’d like to do Android & iOS, but since I don’t have an iProduct, I may as well just code for android since I at least have a couple of those devices.