Quadrophobia: Loading menu, work to be done….

FIRST: Real Life Escape Rooms

1) How come I never heard of this? (I mean the real life versions)

2) How come I didn’t think of it?

3) Hmmm…. Who needs a job working for some company – maybe all I need to do is make real life room escape puzzles and make mint before anyone else in Madison makes it huge. LOL… Nah.  I’ll keep working on my games.  Speaking of.



4) Progress on the Quadrophobia menu – worked on buttons, logos, etc…  Placement, animations…  Got the “New Game” button to load a new game, and then reorganized the layout of the screen a little.

Next, I need to work on a “reload level” icon/function (for when you failed or didn’t get as good as you want).

Then implement the logic and animations for “falling stars” (e.g. if you don’t get the value of the 3rd star, it falls off screen leaving you with 2 stars, etc…).

Then work on saving state between levels/games, then work on a “resume/select level” screen.

Also – instructions (not hard, but still needs to be done).  I currently have a button, but I may just end up putting in the text as a “live” tutorial (I already sort of do that with the simple levels, just need a text overlay telling players what they can do).

I think, since it’s my first game and super simple, and not that big or whatever, I may just release it on the Google Play store and put it as a free game, with an ad at the start and end, and then they can pay a buck if they wanna get rid of the ad.

Of course, I need to make enough levels to make it worth a dollar.  At least 30, I’m thinking a square value, so maybe 49…

I’m much less worried about my skill at making games, but just writing this stuff down makes me realize how much goes into making even a simple game like a small “move around a grid to an exit” puzzle game.  Sheesh.

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