Art, scope, level design…

Last post, I mentioned my personal debate regarding the art in Automute.  After googling for some images, I found some fairly nice photos I’m going to use.  I just like that idea for some reason, instead of trying to go all pixel-art.  We’ll see, I have yet to try it, but I think it might work well.

That said, the other point I made about going into absurdity.  The more I think about it the more I’m going to spin that off into another game.  Maybe similar mechanics (tap to destroy), but instead moving left/right and with audio as part of the elemental concept, I’m going just go hog-wild and not even worry about “plot” necessarily.  I’m just gonna get nuts and do crazy shit.  Each level should have a consistency, of course, so a desert theme, ice theme.  Picture Mario’s levels or whatever…  You know the stereotypical stuff.  But just get nuts and see what I can throw in to make it as silly and weird as possible…

Scope… This leads me to my original point.  Automute was supposed to be a simple game.  This means I need to get back to that point.  In fact, even easier than my original concept.  I was going to make discrete levels and plot it out, but I think I’m going to go back to programmatically spawning the objects.  I will have “levels” but that’s really just going to be more like Super Hexagon style, after you hit a certain point a new level spawns, with more faster objects, maybe time speeds up, etc… but there won’t be separate points.  Just faster and faster.

Of course this leads to the question: what is failure in this regards?

I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.  Maybe X missed hits (or x vehicles escape to the other side).  Is this the threshold for movign to the next level – X total vehicles, must destroy a minimum of X to get to the next level, if you miss X you fail the current level, if you destroy more than X through you get bonus stars which you can use as multipliers? or???  Maybe they count towards your future fails, as a “save”… Like, you miss but your previous level you had gone beyond the minimum, which gave you a star to basically blot out the failed shot.  The better you do in early levels, the more you can “spend” to cancel failed in later levels.
Anyways, dynamic generation, not planned levels, I think this makes the most sense for quick gameplay.  Once I get that in, and the vehicles in, I’ll just have to play with the speeds, rates, spawn rates, vehicle types per level and once that’s done, build the menus/UI/high score table, and release 1.0

Scope: Killing Horizon… Going back to scope.  I realized that maybe I should just say fuck it to the deep plot of killing horizon.  Or rather, the deep mechanics.  Forget the achievements concept, the scoring choice system.  I may still keep the Research points, but instead of 4 separate types, I’ll just give one basic point type.  Then the “tree” will just be a set of options each level to pick a new power.

Scope, simplify.  Reduce unnecessary comlexity.  Occam’s Razor shaving all the crud off the games.  Get that shit pushed into the world  No more fucking around, no more playing around, no more wasting time worrying about this or that perfect design concept.  Fuck that noise.  Make a game.  GO!

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