Automute: Slow Jam

Well – It’s now about 48 hours since I started this jam, and after naps and other issues, well, I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped.  Of course, part of that is me being a bit more perfectionist than I should have been.  Slopping on some placeholder art is something I wasted too much time on trying to get things “right”.  Hell, just pasting blocks of colors without actual graphics would’ve been good enough, IMO.  That said, it seems there’s a variety of jam lengths… Some are 2-3 days compos.  Others are a week or two.  Others are a month long, and then, it seems an Interactive Fiction jam is a year long endeavor.

So upon this first attempt, my view is: If you’re not particularly experienced at coding, and want to try a gamejam, go for a month long jam or at least a week or two.  I think the 2-3 day ones are for super simple things, less perfectionist-y things and people who know what they’re doing, and that’s fine.  I certainly see this as a learning experience, and in fact, have decided something.

Killing Horizon is still a project I will be working on, but for releasing my first product, I am definitely more of the conviction that I will be releasing Automute on the Google Play store.  It won’t be ready for release for a while, but I already have a decent start after two days.

Now that almost all placeholder assets for the main gameplay have been created (just a motorcycle sound is needed, yet, and maybe a little added pickup truck sound to go with the barking dog, and then some low level auto sounds for the non-enemy vehicles that you won’t be shooting;  menus and titles and exit screens and options and all that are necessary as well, but that’s not main gameplay)…  I am starting to work on the vehicle spawning system.

I’m copying some code from Killing Horizon (yay!)

One issue is that my method of spawning enemies is going to be less ‘random’ than KH.  I need to work a little more on planning the system for spawning rates, types…

So, you may ask:

What have you accomplished so far???

Well, I may answer:
Currently, I have the ability to spawn multiple buses in random positions, at their proper starting points (which is really 8 starting points; contextual based upon side of screen they’re spawned on (due to drivers needing to be on the right hand side of the road), so the Y value of a car on road 1 spawning on the left side of the screen is different than the Y value of a car on road 1 spawning on the right side of the screen, even though they’re on the same road..

So now that I have a single enemy type spawning, the next trick will be to make that enemy move via using the iTween addon.  In theory, this should be damn easy.  I already did it once using Playmaker… However, there’s too much to learn in Playmaker for me to dig in with the gamejam (which is something I should’ve known, and even read: Don’t try to learn new technology when doing a gamejam.  Use what you know… Otherwise you’re wasting time trying to learn and not actually creating)

Once I get the iTween motion working, I will add the ability to spawn more random enemies from my list.  Then I will add in non-enemy vehicles.  I’ll have to have a spawnrate system working, which I’ll steal from KH as well, YAY!  I love stealing my own code (which some of is stolen from others in forums and such).

I have a feeling at some point before I work on proper level design I’m going to want to throw in my pew-pew laser to see how fun it is.  In fact once I get some enemies spawning and non-enemies spawning, I think that will be my next goal, and set up a small “score” system while I’m doing that so I have a little playable prototype.

Maybe at that point I can even convince an artist to help me out, or at least get an estimate on a payrate to have art made, then again, that might be too early in the game to get an estimate, but I may be able to get an interested party curious nonetheless.

I actually have some interesting concepts to make this more than just a simple tap tap game (though the main system will be tap tap).


I think that would be really fun to slowly build up from the base concept of the game of silencing vehicles to ending up with a sort of vertical shooter, preventing hordes of ghosts of all those you’ve killed from coming to stop you, the rabid AI, driven mad by all the noise you’ve had to endure for hours upon endless hours trying to make them just SHUT UP, but they wouldn’t, and now, it’s your last stand…


Automute: Sounds added to vehicles and Logo/Title made

Well – after another rough emotional afternoon thanks to my current midlife crisis, I was able to buck up at almost 10pm to get cracking more on the game.  I added sounds to most vehicles (still need motorcycle sound IIRC).  I still don’t have any code yet.  A bit intimidated to dive into that aspect, but that’s the part that makes it a game, right?

I also made a Logo/Title screen.

automute title

Summer Jam: Automute – Progress Log 2

Well, after sleeping in a little later than I wanted to, I got to work after eating and at about 3:00 got most of the vehicles dropped into Unity.

The art is crappy cuz I took a few different premade sprites, resized, and modified a few.  But it’s for a jam/prototype, so I’m not too concerned.
The main issue is that I need to drop in a few more vehicles that are NOT going to be the ones you have to target (i.e. plain old boring not-very-noisy cars)….

Downloading the sound samples now 🙂

Once I get that it’s on to coding shit, and that’ll be a whole other level of work, hrm…summerjam2