First 3 Powerups COMPLETE!

I got it working.  I now have Autofire, Spreadshot and 2 versions of health spawning.

The autofire spawns at a blackhole radius of 5.  Spreadshot is at blackhole radius 10.

The health I have spawning based upon the players health… at 70-79, a 10 point health restore can be gained.  at 50-59, a 15 point health restore can be gained.

I will probably be modifying these as difficulty warrants.

The next goal will probably be Bullet-Up (i.e. make the bullet worth 1 more hit point… the code is all there to do that, I just need to create the powerup spawn).

I also need to attach a trail renderer for powerups so they’re easier to see amidst the morass of asteroids.  Either a trail renderer or a particle system, not sure which.  Trailrenderer is damn easy, I know that much.

Regardless, this is very good news.

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