PROTIP: Save your source files

Working on the concepts of the powerups today, I realized I wanted the robotic voice I have that says the game’s name to say the powerup name when you collect it.

I realized, however, that in my process of creating that sound file originally, I only exported a .WAV file.  I did not save the source file (I am using ReNoise to add effects via VST).  This means, I do not have the chain of effects I used to get that specific sound.

I also need to find the voice synth I used (an online web page that generated the text for me in a voice I liked).

I will need to regenerate the sounds, and this time, save the effects chain so in the future if I need to create more sounds, it will be ready, all I have to do is drop the sample into the channel with effects.

I should also learn how to save the effects chain of art that I do, so if I need to make art, I can easily apply the same effects to keep them consistent.  I’m sure there’s a way to do it (I use Paint Shop Pro, not Photoshop), I’ve just never looked into it.

Consider it one of many lessons learned.  I am going to make posts like this so I can make a set of handy little tips on the production process.  Not so much rules as ideas to keep things consistent and simple as I move along in the game production process.